We serve your menu.

Rent daily, weekly, or longer, for off-site catering.



With a spacious catering counter, we serve your pre-fix menu from the inside of the truck, and maintain portion-control. Just as easily, our friendly staff can set up a traditional catering table out-front for a more personal service, depending on your client’s needs and space restrictions.


Let us cater for you.

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As an option, we can take photos and videos of your customer experience for your social media efforts.


Equipment Specs

Refrigeration (Kegerator)

With a 95” Volition fridge you can serve any beverage from Beer, wine, champagne, sodas, juices, etc, or you can use it as a cold-stock fridge. Fridge model number is a DD95.

2-door vertical freezer

A large, vertical 2-door freezer gets well below zero (-8°) and can be used to store any back-stock frozen foods, desserts, or extra ice for events. 44.5 cuft of space (±1000lbs of ice).
Freezer model number is MBF8002.

cummins onan generator

The kitchen is powered by a Cummins Onan Commercial Generator with very low hours. Runs on gasoline and is connected directly to the main gas tank. Generator model number is

What’s built in:


Photos and Video


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